Frequently Asked Questions

Why is dental hygiene important?

Good oral health goes beyond daily brushing and flossing to include regular cleaning by a Registered Dental Hygienist. Oral health plays a major role in overall health and well-being. Regular cleaning and maintaining good oral health is key in preventing numerous diseases, from gingivitis to heart disease. 

What is an “Initial Dental Hygiene Assessment” and why is it important?

This assessment is the phase of treatment when your dental hygienist gathers as much information as needed in order to customize a treatment plan that addresses your specific oral health care needs. This is done at the first appointment with a follow up dental hygiene assessment at each subsequent appointment.

What are the educational requirements for independent dental hygienists?

To practice in Ontario, a Dental Hygienist must complete a recognized dental hygiene program, pass the National board exams and be registered with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario. Dental Hygienists operating their own Dental Hygiene practice must also apply for and receive special authorization from the CDHO. Dental Hygienists are also required to meet ongoing quality assurance requirements including continuing education courses every year. ​

Are dental hygienists as well trained as dentists in cleaning teeth?

Cleaning teeth, professionally referred to as ‘scaling, root plaining and curettage’, is a specialized procedure for which dental hygienists receive extensive training. Through this, and other dental hygiene treatments, dental hygienists fulfill a vital role as your primary oral healthcare provider.

Is there a professional body that regulates dental hygienists?

Absolutely! In Ontario, dental hygienists are registered by the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO), which ensures competent, safe and ethical dental hygiene care for the public. ​

Why should I come to you for my preventive dental care?

On the Cusp, is staffed by registered dental hygienists with a shared vision of providing high quality preventive dental care: - In an environmentally friendly manner. Wherever possible, we try to use environmentally safe products. ​- We take a holistic approach where possible in order to minimize the amount of toxic chemicals we use in our treatments. 

What services do On the Cusp's dental hygienists perform?

Our Dental Hygienists offer the same professional services provided by Dental Hygienists employed at dentists’ offices including taking medical history, charting the conditions of the oral cavity, instructing clients in preventive care and nutrition, cleaning and whitening teeth, sports mouth guards, and sealants. Clients can expect high-quality professional dental hygiene services delivered in a friendly, relaxed environment. Click here to see all of our services. 

Are services at On the Cusp Dental Hygiene Clinic covered by company or private dental insurance?

Yes. Most major insurance companies now accept claims for services provided by On the Cusp Dental Hygiene Clinic. In addition convenient electronic billing is also available when applicable. 

When I find a dental hygienist I’m really comfortable with can I request the same one for next time?

Absolutely! We believe that the relationship between you and your dental hygienist is very important and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. 

I drink coffee/tea/red wine or smoke. Is there a limit on how often I should get my teeth cleaned?

There is no limit on how often you can get your teeth cleaned. After your initial dental hygiene assessment is completed, a follow-up maintenance program will be customized for you. This program recommended by your Dental Hygienist is based entirely on your individual dental needs. 

Are children welcome at On the Cusp Dental Hygiene Clinic?

Of course. We see children from the age of one year and up. ​What services are provided for children? ​In addition to cleaning, sealants may be placed on specific teeth to help prevent cavities in the future. We also offer custom-fitted sports mouth guards that are ideal for children who participate in sports.